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For the record, this could be related to your current work routine, health habits, and daily duties in general. This full moon will serve as a culmination of all the seeds you've planted since September , which means, this is your time to flourish. On another note, this full moon will be sparkling brightly with a number of celestial energies, which will in turn influence both its "feels," and general potency. For instance, the moon will be making a glorious trine to a snazzy Mars and Uranus conjunction, as both of these planets will be coupled in stubborn Taurus, inspiring rebellion, change, and adventure.

On the dark side, however, this energy could also spark restlessness, violence, and anxiety. Fact is, there's always a pro and a con, regardless of the situation, and it's up to us to make the best of it. This lunation is bringing closure to your health habits, and day-to-day routine in general. This full moon is bringing closure to your love and creativity sector.

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Chances are, your projects are flourishing, and perhaps some of you are finally getting recognized for your impeccable details, and hard work. This lunation is bringing you some much-needed clarity in regard to your home, family, and soul foundation.

Virgo Zodiac Sign

The full moon is bringing you closure in regard to your immediate circle, local community, and social media presence. Like it or not, there is beauty in the details, right Cancer? In the meantime, pat yourself on the back for all you've been able to accomplish.

This full moon is bringing closure and clarity to your money zone, highlighting your finances, values, and self-worth.


The Zodiac Sign Virgo Symbol - Personality, Strengths, Weaknesses – Labyrinthos

You only get one full moon a year, and this one's for you, Virgo. What's changed about your personality, appearance, identity, and sense of self since September ? This is your grand finale from the heavens. This full moon is bringing closure and clarity to your inner world, and subconscious. What brings you peace? Virgos have many great personality traits, but sometimes, and over extortion of these astrological personality traits cause them to have a negative effect on the Virgo.

About Virgo the Virgin: Astrology/Zodiac

These negative traits include the need to over-analyze situations and hold a very critical eye on themselves along with everyone else in their life. Virgos are unique in their own essence, and they will never do anything halfway. Their modesty and humility is what draws people to them, ultimately uncovering the beauty that is the Virgo.

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With that being said, once you learn the ways of a Virgo, you learn to love a Virgo exactly how they want to be loved. Just as long as the Virgo is never underestimated. Love Compatibility: As for the zodiac signs who are most compatible and best qualified to handle all that Virgo is within the context of loving relationships, Taurus, Cancer, Scorpio, and Capricorn do it best. Here is a list of the 10 best and worst personality traits of people born with the Virgo horoscope. They do not like to mess up, which is why they will look at all sides before giving a solution to a problem.

Venus enters Sagittarius

A Virgo knows that good things come to those who earn it, which is why they will work their tails off to get everything they want. They will often have sleepless nights in order to get all of their work done in a timely manner. They use art as an escape to their problems. They liked to express themselves through music, dance, acting, and even drawing. A Virgo has an amazing memory. They can remember and bring up things that happened from early childhood that most people would not remember.

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They are constantly bringing up old memories that made them feel good, as a result making others smile. They will never let you down and only have eyes for one romantically. You can say jump and they will say how high without a doubt. Virgos are one of the sweetest signs there are. They are filled with love and affection for ever. Their hearts remain kind and humble, as they are always trying to help anyone and everyone in their life.

Virgos are highly favored for the patience they have with others.

The Zodiac Sign Virgo Symbol - Personality, Strengths, Weaknesses

They are constantly trying to find the good in people and will often give those in their life the benefit of the doubt. While there is usually a limit to how long they are willing to wait, the time is usually lengthy, and gives people around them enough time to fix up their act if need be. If you give a Virgo instructions, they will most likely follow the instructions to a T without a doubt.

They enjoy being left in charge of situations, and do not want to let anyone down. They just want the person who gave them the instructions to be proud of them.


Most Virgos strive to be reliable. They want everyone to know that they are always there to help them no matter what.

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A Virgo will be the first to answer your call and the last to leave a situation when you are in need. Virgos are very modest. They often are naturally humble.